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How Will Digital Marketing Look Like In 2017?

The constantly changing nature of digital marketing makes this question very hard to answer. Even the most digitally elite among us can sometimes make wrong predictions. Nevertheless, the digital marketing space remains one of the most exciting industries of the 21st century. It also brings an unending supply of opportunities for business and jobs across the globe. While accuracy in prediction may be hard to attain, there are certain winds of change that are quite visible today that can tell us a little bit about how digital marketing will look like in 2017.

Mobile digital marketing will continue its dominance

Just last week, Google released Pixel; its new smartphone it hopes will compete with Samsung Galaxy phones and iPhones. This release shows that developers recognize mobile to be the overriding force in development. Digital marketing on mobile improved significantly giving advertisers more room to showcase fresh ad units. Many companies see mobile engagement as an important trend that will move into 2017. That is why an app development service such as Entrance Custom Software development would be incomplete without mobile app development.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Today, virtually everyone in the world knows about the Pokémon Go game that is now valued at $29 billion. This has been this year’s most disruptive product. The other was Google’s Daydream. These two showcase the incredible progress that virtual reality and augmented reality have made. The excitement that these two have bought shows that people are still blown away by any technology that blends mobility with an enhancement of lifestyle.

As more people embrace the idea of seamlessly blending augmented and virtual worlds with the real one, digital marketers are actively looking for ways to showcase products and services through these new avenues. For the first time, digital marketers can now promote their wares in altered realities.

Video content will remain king

In digital marketing, most people agree that content will always be king. Video content is expected to still dominate in coming years. While certain new technologies have excited many, video content remains the familiar territory for many people. Digital marketers will continue to use this to increase the visibility of their products and services. Digital marketers will concentrate on developing content for the digital channels’ consumer.

Digital marketers will have to spend advertising dollars to gain visibility on social media
Organic visibility of brands on social media is the lowest it has ever been. This trend will continue into 2017 and beyond. What this means to a digital marketer is that for a product or service to achieve considerable visibility, he will have to pay for ads.

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Surviving a Disaster in 2016: 6 Tips for Disaster Recovery Planning

When coming up with a disaster recovery plan, you should understand that its success is based on having a realistic and well understood set of objectives. You should understand that these objectives should be based on the business need. When preparing a disaster recovery plan, you should go for a system that can recover and document everything. In order to make the plan effective, disaster recovery solutions such as DR Solutions by TrueNorth should be considered in the plan. Businesses should adopt new technologies that reduce the cost of operation and must always ensure data backups are in good condition and are kept in a secure location.

Keep in mind the following tips when creating an effective disaster recovery plan:

The plan should be linked to the business

Although people are aware of the benefits of an effective disaster recovery plan, they usually complain about cost-related issues.  When the benefits of the plan surpass the cost, the cost needs to be the second instead of the first priority. Preparing for a disaster should be a burden, but it should be incorporated with the business’ day-to-day priorities.

Disaster recovery plan should be updated always

Disaster recovery planning should always be a part of the day-to-day operations in the IT department. The plan should be maintained and kept up-to-date once an element in the IT settings changes. The disaster recovery plan will ultimately fail if its management is not a priority to the company leadership.

Establish practical recovery objectives

It is critical for organizations to set practical recovery point objectives and recovery time goals. Moreover, the set objectives and goals should be attainable. These objectives and goals should be established and prioritized in accordance to the plan’s policies. It is important to determine how current the data is before a disaster and the amount of data lost before the recovery plan is put in place.

The disaster recovery plan should be tested

Most IT departments find disaster recovery testing to be a major challenge; however, there is a high possibility of problems occurring if the recovery has not been tested to the application level. Thus regular testing is required to ensure that recoveries are successful and are carried out within the required timeframe. Although disaster recovery tests may lead to operational disruptions, they should include end-to-end testing all the way to the production. Software quality testing should be adopted in disaster recovery plan testing.

Substitute recovery services

There should be clear guidelines defining who in case of a disaster will be responsible for recovering operations and initiating the disaster recovery plan.

Cost consideration

Disaster recovery and its requirements may seem expensive and most organizations have a great deal of difficulty in absorbing the costs. In order to address the costs related to disaster recovery, it should be integrated into the organization’s standard operations as extensively as possible. Organizations should treat disaster recovery as an investment and should be willing to spend money on it or accept the risk. However, there are new technologies emerging to make this cost effective.

IT Telemarketing Services: When Is the Right Time to Hire a Content Marketing Agency?

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Content marketing as part of agencies’ IT telemarketing services can be an asset to almost all types of business industry.

The following is a list of situations where this particular service could become part of your business’ solutions.

1. If the business is either large or medium sized with no adequate internal resources.

If you have a powerful marketing strategy, but has no adequate number of people to create your content as well as perform other tasks related to it such as trade shows and meetings, then there will definitely be a problem with the marketing application.

Content marketing agency will join your internal team to produce the content for your editorial calendar. Another part of the agency’s job is to collaborate with your subject specialists and your CEO to produce the blog content as well as demand generation papers for them. But to be more productive, you should first include the content marketing strategy in your plan prior to your search of an agency. A few months of trial period with a chosen agency may also help to find out about the result of their efforts or if they are worthy of investment as full-time workers to help with the company’s content marketing.

2. The business is newly established and requires an adaptable marketing solution.

You may pay for the retainer of a content marketing agency in order to earn an exclusive content solution which can be customized to conform to your company’s changing needs. Search for the agencies that will let the clients change their retainer packages for every 4 months to permit the adjustments which a newly established business may need. Content marketing agencies may help with the organizing of your marketing strategy and in creating written content that will comply with the different startup needs such as the case studies, white papers, web copy and the blog content. Since a company’s marketing strategy changes quickly, the agency will provide you with the ability to draw into different talents which may be scaled down to conform to the needs of your company.

3. Companies that have short term staffing demands.

When a marketing manager filed for her three weeks notice to take a leave to attend to personal matters, your blog and efforts done in creating the content marketing will need to take a break as well. But with a marketing agency, every gap will be filled to support your content efforts.

It is necessary to take the agency in during your employees work. Although the role of the IT telemarketing services is restricted to content development only, it is also essential to provide them with the correct and clear image of the complete voice and message of the company to create the proper content that will conform to your company’s objectives. A lot of agencies are always ready to come in for a set period that is basically more productive than getting a temporary worker who is more possibly looking for a full-time work.