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How Will Digital Marketing Look Like In 2017?

The constantly changing nature of digital marketing makes this question very hard to answer. Even the most digitally elite among us can sometimes make wrong predictions. Nevertheless, the digital marketing space remains one of the most exciting industries of the 21st century. It also brings an unending supply of opportunities for business and jobs across the globe. While accuracy in prediction may be hard to attain, there are certain winds of change that are quite visible today that can tell us a little bit about how digital marketing will look like in 2017.

Mobile digital marketing will continue its dominance

Just last week, Google released Pixel; its new smartphone it hopes will compete with Samsung Galaxy phones and iPhones. This release shows that developers recognize mobile to be the overriding force in development. Digital marketing on mobile improved significantly giving advertisers more room to showcase fresh ad units. Many companies see mobile engagement as an important trend that will move into 2017. That is why an app development service such as Entrance Custom Software development would be incomplete without mobile app development.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Today, virtually everyone in the world knows about the Pokémon Go game that is now valued at $29 billion. This has been this year’s most disruptive product. The other was Google’s Daydream. These two showcase the incredible progress that virtual reality and augmented reality have made. The excitement that these two have bought shows that people are still blown away by any technology that blends mobility with an enhancement of lifestyle.

As more people embrace the idea of seamlessly blending augmented and virtual worlds with the real one, digital marketers are actively looking for ways to showcase products and services through these new avenues. For the first time, digital marketers can now promote their wares in altered realities.

Video content will remain king

In digital marketing, most people agree that content will always be king. Video content is expected to still dominate in coming years. While certain new technologies have excited many, video content remains the familiar territory for many people. Digital marketers will continue to use this to increase the visibility of their products and services. Digital marketers will concentrate on developing content for the digital channels’ consumer.

Digital marketers will have to spend advertising dollars to gain visibility on social media
Organic visibility of brands on social media is the lowest it has ever been. This trend will continue into 2017 and beyond. What this means to a digital marketer is that for a product or service to achieve considerable visibility, he will have to pay for ads.